Prium® Drive, a comprehensive range of driving solutions

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Prium® Drive, Prium® Drive OF and Prium® Drive UTG, a comprehensive range of driving solutions for glass transportation in annealing lehrs.

Prium® Drive, standard drive system

Annealing lehr drive system is often improperly less considered than thermal annealing process itself.

It is nevertheless of major importance as to insure a consistent and steady transfer of the ribbon all along the lehr. It contributes simultaneously to the quality of the process (insuring a scratch free transportation) and safety of the complete installation (no stop allowed).

As well, it has a direct impact on upstream tin bath as it provides the necessary traction force that contributes to the ribbon forming in stretching zone.

Prium® Drive system can be customized to glass maker’s special requirements by matching the drive system definition to the specifics of glass thermal treatment.

Scope of work for Annealing lehr and LOR drive system typically includes delivery and erection supervision up to qualified production is reached.

Customer’s benefit

Prium® Drive has been designed and constantly improved thanks to the long lasting experience gathered over years.

Based on key pillars such as robustness, operational safety and process consistency, Prium® Drive solution will insure glass makers a “once for all” solution that will allow them to focus on any other process challenges but the lehr drive itself.

From LOR drive up to lehr exit, Prium® Drive is taking care of the glass ribbon.

Prium® Drive OF, oil free solution

Leader in maintenance friendly solution development, Fives proposes glass makers a significant improvement in classical lehr drive system with its new Prium® Drive OF, oil free system.

Prium® Drive OF offers a solution which allows glass makers to get rid of lubrication in drive system.

Customer's benefit

The system can be implemented on every drive system (new installation or existing one) in a very flexible way.

It will decrease the overall CAPEX for new installation as oil receiver equipment is no longer needed.

OPEX is also positively impacted, as no oil filling is required during the entire life of the system.

Prium® Drive UTG, Ultra-Thin Glass solution

As a response to the new challenges induced by ultra-thin glass process, Prium® Drive UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) offers the most flexible solution for thin ribbon transportation.

Composed of several independently driven roller banks, with individual roller adjustment capabilities in both vertical and horizontal axis, Prium® Drive UTG can also be fitted with safety redundant automation system.

Customer's benefit

Prium® Drive UTG is the sole drive system that offers such a high level of flexibility for fine process adjustments.

Designed to focus on final product quality, it will preserve your substrate or cover glass sensitive ribbon from scratches or marks and will allow improving your current yield.

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