Prium® Conditioning Stirrer System

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Fives to tailor the equipment to suit the needs of the application. The use of quality materials and components allow the Prium® Conditioning Stirrer System to meet the demand for higher quality glass with fewer visible defects.

Stirrers are used for mechanical mixing of molten glass in the forehearth to improve chemical and/or thermal homogeneity. This improved homogeneity will then aid in better gob formation, loading and product quality. They can be installed on new or existing forehearths and are also an integral part of colorant forehearths.

The Prium® Conditioning Stirrer System is variable to suit all widths and depths of forehearth channel

Each bank consists of two or more stirrers depending on the forehearth width and application. Support steelwork specifically designed for each application, enables the stirrer equipment to be lifted and moved alongside the forehearth for any changing of refractory stirrers and for maintenance.

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