Prium® Feeder Mechanism

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Fives has nearly a century of experience in supplying feeder mechanism to the world’s glass industries. From the simple, but reliable, Prium® Feeder mechanism BH-F 50 with its mechanically operated mechanism to the high-speed servo driven Prium® Feeder Mechanism BH-F 1000 servo, we can offer a gob feeder for most applications.

Depending on the feeder series, they are available for single, double, triple or quadruple gob production for speeds from 5 to over 200 cuts per minute and can produce accurate, stable gobs with a weight ranging from a few grams to a few kilograms. The larger feeders also benefit from using the highly successful cascade spout design, which helps ensure excellent homogeneity and stability of the gobs being produced.  These feeders are now also fitted with new lightweight cover blocks to ensure better heat retention in the spout with a lower gas consumption.

The Prium® range of feeders is complemented by the Prium® Delivery Platinum down-draw for more specialist single gob applications.

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