Prium® Melt Float

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Fives is able to design a turnkey project.

Combined with Prium® Bath and Prium® Lehr, Prium® Melt Float is the most energy efficient float glass line solution for architectural and automotive glass. As a turnkey contractor, Fives will provide you a complete solution, including basic plant engineering, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, personnel training services and production assistance.



  • Ultra low-energy consumption thanks to the latest Fives L.E.M.® technology
  • First-class refractory lining for long lifetime and lean operation
  • Glass quality and energy consumption are guaranteed
  • Provision for boosting systems allowing pull increase without deterioration of glass quality

Furnaces Performance:

  • Up to 880 mt/day melting capacity for clear and light tinted glass architectural and automotive glass markets
  • Down to 5200 MJ/t guaranteed energy consumption
  • Glass thickness from 2 mm to 15 mm
  • Production of high-quality glass according to ASTM and EN standards for domestic and export markets
  • High-quality equipment for precise control of glass ribbon
  • Dimensions and Melting process:

               - Guaranteed glass flatness and optical characteristics
               - New technology with automatic glass flow regulation system

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