Prium® Melt Recuperative and Special Melters

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Prium® Melt Recuperative

The Prium® Melt Recuperative is available for a wide range of glass compositions and qualities. The lower capital cost of a recuperator, when compared to regenerators, mean that for smaller furnaces the Prium® Melt Recuperative is a cost effective option. 

The Prium® Melt Recuperative is side-fired, with a series of burners in the furnace side walls (breast-walls).  The waste gases preheat the combustion air being fed to the furnace burners. 

Special Melters

Using our extensive experience we can design and install melters for a wide range of applications and glass types, as an example Fives have successfully developed and implemented 3 hybrid furnaces for the production of continuous basalt fibre.

Our ‘in-house’ dedicated team of engineers and glass technologists, together with our specialist installation and commissioning engineers are ready to assist with any requirements for furnace design, construction and operation. 

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