Prium® Bath and Prium® Bath UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) – Integrated tin bath solutions

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Complete tin bath solutions

With 8% of the worldwide float capacity installed, Fives is the major independent E&P provider of complete tin bath solutions.

We design and procure your tin bath according to your product specifications, selecting the most appropriate solution to optimize your Capex and Return On Investment time.

We will assist you during start up and commissioning and for subsequent maintenance operations.

Standard Float Glass Tin Bath: Prium® Bath

Tin Baths for building, automotive and solar glass are typically producing soda lime glass ribbons with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 25mm and maximum pull up to 1200tpd.

Prium® Bath concept is an integrated solution focusing on the two mandatory factors to achieve a first class tin bath:

  • General design of the bath driven by return on experience gathered over wide range of references
  • High requirement on design & quality of implemented equipment which need to work simultaneously during daily production life of the line

Customer's benefit

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in tin bath design and procurement, Prium® Bath is the sole solution which will guarantee you an optimized investment and a trouble free tin bath operation.

Ultra-thin float glass world sets a new paradigm for glass makers: Prium® Bath UTG

With ribbon thicknesses down to 0.35mm, ribbon width close to 5m and difficult ribbon forming due to specific glass composition (high Alumina, high Alkali), ultra-thin tin bath configuration becomes a real challenge.

In this specific world all details matter, every technical choice and trade-off can impact the final quality of glass sheets. Specific attention is paid on chasing vibrations that could propagate to the ribbon, thermal insulation, atmosphere management with potentially highly corrosive particles in the bath atmosphere.

Customer's benefit

Prium® Bath UTG is the state of the art integrated answer to the increasing demand for substrate or cover glass applications. Prium® Bath UTG is issued from Fives' long lasting experience in display glass over Germany, Belgium, Japan, Korea and China. It represents the most consistent solution to produce ready-to-sell quality thin glass.

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