Fives commissions a cutting-edge complete glass plant to Vivix in Brazil

CBVP float line 2-FIVES

Fives, a global leading designer and supplier of equipment for glass production, is proud to announce the start-up of a new complete float glass plant with an annual capacity up to 880 metric tons per day for Brazil-based float glass company Vivix. The plant occupies a 90 thousand sqm built-up area, and generates some 410 direct jobs and 1,500- plus indirect positions according to Vivix.

The equipment - starting from batch plant until cutting line - incorporates the most recent technologies to produce float glass in compliance with quality, yield and energy-efficiency objectives. It has been designed to produce both automotive, mirror and architectural glass. (60 % of its output is dedicated to architectural, 5 % to automotive and 30% to mirror glass.)

First modern glass plant in Northern Brazil covering global markets

Since it received the order from Grupo Cornélio Brennand (the parent company of Vivix) on August 2011, Fives implemented all efforts to supply the most appropriate plant, matching perfectly with client's expectations in terms of output, budget, monitoring and delivery time.

The commissioning of this plant in Goiana, PE, close to Recife in the north-east part of Brazil, is an obvious proof of Fives' expertise to run major industrial projects, everywhere in the world.

Operation Expenses reduced to the most competitive level

A major strength of this installation is its L.E.M.® - Low Energy Melter -, Fives' proprietary melting furnace design with ultra-low energy consumption. Because of its remarkable geometry and ultimate glass process control, the furnace makes it possible to save up to 20% energy compared to conventional technologies.

Furthermore, the plant incorporates a global digital control system and intelligent software for production optimization which provides a unique vision over the glass process.

Thanks to all features and technologies, Fives confirms its position of preferred partner for new float glass producers. It is obvious that VIVIX has now reached its main objective: becoming a major float glass company in Brazil.

About Cornélio Brennand

Grupo Cornélio Brennand - The Cornélio Brennand Group - outstands in important sectors of the Brazilian economy, developing businesses and striving to convey its characteristic dynamism, seriousness and excellency in every single enterprise it undertakes. Encompassing companies that concern distinct segments, this group deals with energy generation from renewable sources (Atiaia Energia - Atiaia Energy), Real Estate (Iron House) and Vivix Vidros Planos. Throughout more than 90 years of trajectory, it has become a landmark of successful entrepreneuring. This group takes continuous expansion as its main guideline, with social and environmental responsibility, thus generating jobs. A saga that foretells a blossoming future for the company.