Flat glass: Automotive, Architectural & Solar

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Float glass : Automotive & Architectural

For float glassmakers, Fives stands as the major independent float engineering and hot end specialist.

With more than 20 high-quality float glass plants commissioned worldwide, the total actual production of Fives' float line represent 4 million tons of flat glass per year.

The company's services and proprietary glass production equipment include:

  • the complete float plant general engineering,
  • the proprietary design and supply of melting furnaces (Prium® Melt), tin baths (Prium® Bath) and annealing lehrs (Prium® Lehr),
  • the complete Project and Construction Management,
  • the start-up of the plant with on-site plant production assistance
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We are pleased to confirm that the hot End’s equipment, comprising the melting furnace, including the regenerator checkers, the tin bath and the annealing lehr designed and supplied by Fives, in my plant of GUANGZHOU, has been operating to our satisfaction since its start-up in 2005 and produces premium quality float glass as its nominal capacity.

March 2008

L.E.M. ®, the outstanding technology to reduce energy consumption

Energy consumption is an increasing concern for float glass makers. Hopefully, increasing insulation or furnace capacity are not the only alternatives to reduce your energy bill.

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Solar glass

To address the growing market of high-quality solar glass, Fives has developed specific technologies for the production of ultra-clear, thin and tempered solar glass. Based on its long term experience of float glass and oxy-combustion, Fives has created dedicated Prium® Melt Oxy furnaces, enabling the production of solar glass with ultra-low iron content, though maintaining low energy consumption, high yield and long refractory lifetime.

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