Prium® Forehearth BH-F 400/4000

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The range of Prium® Forehearth BH-F 400 and 4000 has proven to be a trusted solution to the increased demands placed upon today’s glass producers. Our bespoke conditioning solutions are tailored to suit a specific application whilst remaining flexible enough to cope with changing production needs.

The Prium® Forehearth has evolved from the experience of providing hundreds of bespoke glass conditioning solutions across a variety of glass sectors.

The Prium® Forehearth BH-F 400 - Designed to provide thermal conditioning for low, medium and high tonnage production.

The Prium® Forehearth BH-F 4000  - Designed to extend the excellent thermal conditioning capacity of the Prium® Forehearth BH-F 400 into areas of higher cooling capacity, 

This Glass Conditioning System can be employed on working end and forehearths and in combination with our other glass conditioning improvements, such as Colorant Sections, Radiation Cooling Systems, Biased Forehearth Entries, Balancing Cranks and Cascade Bowls to provide stable controllable and thermally homogenous glass to your forming process.

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