Sangalli - Italy

Sangalli- float glass line and tin bath © Fives-FIVES

- One 600 tpd and one 650 tpd float line equipped

- Guaranteed glass flatness and optical characteristics

- Reduced OPEX

The production was successfully started up in April 2011.

Sangalli Group entrusted Fives for its two float lines located in Italy.

The Italian glassmaker had already entrusted Fives with the supply of a complete hot end for its first glass production line located in Manfredonia, South of Italy.

Fives' scope of work included the design, delivery and commissioning of the complete hot end composed of melting furnace, tin bath, annealing lehr and services: supervision, training and production management. The production was successfully started up in 2002 at the nominal load of 550 mt/d. The target was to produce various float glass thicknesses (from 2 to 12 mm) meeting the high European standards of the building and automotive industry.

In October 2009, Fives was selected again by Sangalli Vetro Porto Nogaro for its new float glass production line in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Fives' scope of work encompassed the design, delivery and commissioning of the tin bath. The Italian and Belgian teams worked hand in hand during one year and a half to conduct this major project successfully. At site, Fives' team assisted the customer all along the commissioning and the heating-up.

Customer's benefits

Hot End of the Manfredonia float line was fully engineered by Fives who was selected as main contractor, in charge of complete project coordination. The overall project scheme offered several advantages for Sangalli:

  • Smooth project execution with simple communication channel and efficient decision making process in partnership with customer's personnel
  • Final product quality guaranteed by Fives
  • Consistent build-up of each Hot End sections and related technologies, from furnace to annealing lehr, which guarantees the best ROI

The Prium® Bath implemented in San Giorgio di Nogaro made possible to extend production capacity of Sangalli group with high quality clear and extra clear float glass used in building and solar industry.

This line was also the opportunity for Sangalli to take advantage of and validate in a large scale the latest technical improvement on tin bath equipment and architecture:

  • Fully suspended top rollers and coolers resulting in an easy access to the machines and easy on-line operations and maintenance
  • Guaranteed defect free glass ribbon lifting from tin surface and easy going standard maintenance thanks to Dross Box, Prium® Bath DB OPTI
  • Reduced OPEX through process gas consumption reduction
SalavatStelko Tin-Bath ©-Fives-FIVES

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