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Prium® UTG Technologie

- Specifically designed to withstand highest range of glass processing temperatures

- Tight control of glass temperature to match process requirements

- Withstand hot corrosion / aggressive atmosphere conditions

Xinyi Glass, one of the top Chinese glassmakers, has appointed Fives for the supply of a set of critical equipment dedicated to its ultra-thin glass line n°1.

Xinyi Glass (XYG), one of China's major flat glass producers, has selected Fives as one of its preferred suppliers for equipment on its first venture into the production of ultra-thin glass (UTG) at its Wuhu facility. The equipment selected by this customer includes, Prium® conditioning sections, Prium® Bath Dross Box UTG, Prium® Lehr UTG.

Teams of experts from Fives worked along-side Xinyi personnel, at all stages of the project to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. The teams cooperated at all stages of the project, from the initial erection, through pre start-up testing, cold commissioning, start-up and finally hot commissioning, The close cooperation on this project resulted in many friendships being formed that we hope will last until long into the future.

The relationship between the two companies is a result of long lasting cooperation, on many earlier projects. Prium® Technology has been operating for many years in XYG's other plants namely Tianjin, Jiangmen, Anhui, Dongguan as well as here in Wuhu. We hope with the successful conclusion to the UTG project our relationship continues for many years in the future.

Customer's benefits

Prium® conditioning sections offers a high accuracy of process flow control, which is mandatory for ultra-thin glass production.

Prium® Bath Dross Box UTG, specifically designed for ultra-thin glass processing, is the unique solution to guarantee the following mandatory advantages :

  • Process atmosphere integrity which results in preserved glass optical characteristics
  • Process parameters easily adjustable to adapt your own process requirement
  • Sustainable equipment performances during whole operational campaign

Prium® Lehr UTG is the unique solution devoted to Ultra-Thin Glass allowing, in an integrated process section, the following key features:

  • Proper process treatment of ultra-thin ribbon edges, which are critical off gauge parts of the ribbon
  • All-in-one combination of Hot Air Process and Continuous Annealing, both historically developed by Fives and trimmed to guarantee low residual stress in ultra-thin glass ribbon
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