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Batch plant-FIVES

In float melting tanks, a boosting of the batch-melting rate is required in two situations:

  • A pull increase over the designed rate is required.
  • The regenerator chambers in the batch zone have degraded or are clogged and the port 1 flame power is weakened or lost

In both situations, boosting, at zero port, with oxy-combustion flames is frequently applied. Typically, two pipe in pipe burners are installed in the peep-holes before the first port burner. With these zero port burners, additional energy is supplied to the batch melting. However the burner power is limited due to problems with central flame collision, carry over and hot spot risk on the entrance wall.

In order to overcome this power limitation, Linde/BOC developed crown oxy-burners with direct impingement on the batch surface (Convective Glass Melting CGM).

This technology was successfully implemented in many tanks but has again some drawbacks:

  • The crown has to be drilled
  • A large spacing between the flame is required
  • High heat transfer rates are only achieved in the impact zones of the flames leaving stripes of weaker melting rate.

The oxygen burner: a proprietary process

Fives developed a proprietary technology in order to overcome these problems. The oxygen burner consists of numerous flames adding up to a flame curtain. The burner replaces, or is installed in parallel to, the entrance curtain . Tests have shown that a high heat transfer is achieved without carry over, batch segregation or evaporation effects.

Moreover, the new burner has the following advantages:

  • Homogenous heating of the batch over the whole width
  • Glazing of the batch surface thus reducing the carry over in the succeeding aero-combustion
  • Increase of the surface emissivity of the batch blanket thus improving the heat transfer in the entrance zone of the furnace
  • High heat transfer rates allowing a significant boosting of the batch melting on a limited furnace surface

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