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Fives Prium PlanarTek Combustion System-FIVES

A new innovative approach for Working Ends and Forehearths. The Prium® PlanarTek combustion system is designed to suit the customers' production requirements and when combined with our patented flat flame burner block enhances glass conditioning performance with reduced gas consumption. Prium® PlanarTek combustion system can be readily integrated with a bespoke heat recovery system to further increase energy and operational efficiencies.

PlanarTek technology features

  • The innovative burner block works in conjunction with the nozzle mix burners. The burner block has been designed to the exterior dimensions of a standard forehearth burner block which normally holds three pre-mix burners.
  • The innovative burner block utilises the nozzle mix burners unit in place of the three standard pre-mix burners.
  • The innovative burner blocks are designed for the forehearth heat/cool zones to deliver a very efficient thermal transfer from the flame to the forehearth superstructure and glass surface
  • The innovative burner block augments the efficiency of heat transfer obtained from both the heating and cooling inputs to the zones.

Related reference :

BA Vidro, one of Europe's leading producers of food & beverage container glass, contracted Fives for the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of one Prium® Working End & four Prium® Forehearths for its Polish plant located in Sierakow near Poznan.

One forehearth (Line 1.1) was equipped with the revolutionary combustion system, Prium® PlanarTek, which is designed to suit the customer's production requirement and combined with the innovative burner block deliver efficient thermal heat transfer to the forehearth structure and glass flow in the channel.

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