Prium® Melt EF (End Fired Regenerative Furnace)

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Fives is a world leader in design and implementation of melting and conditioning technology in all types of glass from small output hand-made lead crystal to large volume container production.

The group has implemented an integrated and forward thinking program to develop more energy efficient melting and conditioning processes.  

Our glass melting technology provides solutions to glass quality, energy efficiency, emission control, equipment life expectancy and safety. Whether the furnace is heated by gas or oil, Fives has the technology to suit every situation. The latest advances in technology assure the optimum design and control to ensure the best solution to a melting requirement. All our projects are designed using 3D modelling packages, thus eliminating any costly oversights at the equipment design stage.  

The Prium® Melt EF (End Fired) Regenerative Furnace is a cost effective solution to medium size furnaces for a wide range of glass compositions and qualities. The furnaces use conventional oil or gas heating with the regenerative system to recover residual heat from the waste gases. Fives can custom design and build furnaces to the dimensions specifically required for your project. 

Fives prides itself on the close relationship it forms with its customers, resulting in long term partnerships.

Our ‘in-house’ dedicated team of engineers and glass technologists, together with our specialist installation and commissioning engineers are ready to assist with any requirements for furnace design, construction and operation. 

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