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Fives designs and supplies melting and conditioning technologies for all types of tableware glass from large volume soda lime tumbler production to small output hand-made lead crystal. The ever increasing pressure on glass producers to reduce emissions, and the shortage of gas in some regions, has once again high-lighted the advantages of electric melting and electric boosting.

This sector comprises the manufacturing of glass tableware, cookware and decorative items such as drinking glasses, bowls, plates, cookware, vases and ornaments. Glass types include Soda lime, barium, lead crystal, borosilicate and fluorine opal. Although previously considered as only applicable to specialised glass types, electric melting is now being seriously considered for more tableware products. This is because it eliminates the need for expensive pollution control equipment and is highly energy efficient.

Fives conditioning system to produce the best tableware glass

Fives is able to tailor its glass conditioning systems to best match production requirements whilst remaining within the many space constraints that are imposed. Electric heating, air/gas combustion or a combination of both can be utilised depending on glass type and production. The success of Fives technology is highlighted by the repeat orders won for major Tableware producers in Europe and the Far East.

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