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High quality products such as perfumes require high quality containers and glass has long been held a premium packaging medium with a quality image, an inert material, and great potential for moulding into unique designs and forms

Fives has developed innovative solutions for glass melting and conditioning projects for glasses requiring high clarity, optical transmission so that the final glass product will be of high quality without point or line defects such as blisters, bubbles or streaks.

In particular, the combination of electric heating, air-gas combustion and oxy-gas combustion technologies has resulted in the successful application of electric/mixed fuel systems to a number of glass types to provide quality molten glass to the complete range of glassware commonly produced for the flaconage and perfumery industries.

The Prium® range of glass conditioning systems, colorant forehearths and feeder mechanisms compliment the melting systems to provide the ultimate hot end solutions to the glass producer.

Fives technology, equipment and systems are trusted by many of the leading producers and we are proud of the lasting relationships we have formed with our customers over many years.

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