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Both Soda lime and Sodium borosilicate glass are widely used across the chemical industry and pharmaceutical sector for the production of pharmaceutical containers, laboratory apparatus and ampoules.

Fives has successfully designed and implemented a number of hot end solutions in Italy, Ukraine and China.

Fives has developed innovative glass melting and conditioning solutions for glasses having a major volatile constituent (e.g. boron) where the environmental factors for the melting process must be taken into account and the saving of batch material costs can be significant. The use of electric heating in forehearths is very advantageous when glasses with volatile constituents are being produced.


In particular, the combination of electric heating, air-gas combustion and oxy-gas combustion technologies has resulted in the successful application of electric/mixed fuel systems to a number of particularly difficult glass types to provide quality molten glass to the complete range of glassware commonly produced for the pharmaceutical industry, (medical vials, ampoules, bottles such as plasma containers).

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