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Prium® UTG Technologies, a unique combination to cover display glass makers' needs.

Typically ranging from 50 to 150 tpd, depending on glass parameters, float plants for Display or Cover Glass concentrate technical and economic challenges.

Fives is the unique EPC able to combine the following customer's offer:

  • Know-how in glass for display applications gathered through years of experience serving this market
  • Dedicated teams specialized in each section of Hot End

For special glass composition, process parameters validation via lab tests & modeling can be conducted, prior to scale 1 implementation.

From basic Hot End definition and feasibility study, up to turnkey float line delivery, Fives is able to assist glassmakers through every steps of their display glass project.

The association of our Prium® Technologies (furnace: Prium® Melt, tin bath: Prium® Bath UTG, annealing lehr: Prium® Lehr UTG, Prium® Drive UTG) will guarantee the best existing answer to display and cover glass makers' requirements.

Fast ROI and best quality display glass

Fives' Display glass and cover glass Hot End will bring glass makers the following advantages:

  • Easy-going project execution with a single team leader
  • Optimization of CAPEX enabled by an optimal and harmonious choice of technologies
  • Strong back up from Fives' glass specialists all along the startup and commissioning of the complete line which would result in a quick achievement of commercial production

Thanks to Fives' insight in plant engineering, Prium® UTG Technology will allow a fast ROI of complete installation, being a key issue for the quick moving market of display and cover glass.

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