L.E.M.® - Low Energy Melter

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Fives Prium Melt Float L-FIVES

Think L.E.M.®, the outstanding technology to reduce energy consumption.

Energy consumption is an increasing concern for float glass makers.
Hopefully, increasing insulation or furnace capacity are not the only alternatives to reduce your energy bill.

Thanks to L.E.M.®, Low Energy Melter Technology, developed by Fives, melting energy can be dramatically reduced, without compromising with glass quality. 


  • Reduced working end losses due to a limitation of glass recirculation
  • High specific pull rate thus limiting wall losses compared to useful melting energy
  • Increased combustion efficiency by larger regenerator exchange surface
  • Modulated insulation for refractory walls. 

The combination of these proprietary technologies, in combination with the use of modern refractory technologies, allows achieving unrivaled low consumption, down to 1200 kcal/kg (5 GJ/tonne) for architectural and automotive applications.

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