Prium® Bath TR Edge Control

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The new generation of top rollers called Prium® Bath TR Edge Control (T.R.E.C. technology) is characterised by an advanced kinematics of the top rollers head that combines both knurl and slew movements. A real technological advance that will bring flexibility and mobilityin all production operations, thus avoiding to adjust the top rollerssupport carriages.


  • Constant pitch between consecutive points of contact withglass ribbon: Glass ribbon evenly stretched all along the forming zone
  • Shorter forming zone: Forming area more homogeneous in temperature
  • Higher process consistency: More stable top rollers support carriages
  • Easier visionic: Optimization of bath visionic system for a better process tuning
  • Improved Edge Control: Very high flexibility on ribbon spreading shape
  • Better Edge Control results in improved optical quality

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