Ba Vidro SA - Poland

Fives Ba Vidro Prium PlanarTek Combustion System-FIVES
  • New innovative approach for Working Ends and Forehearth: the Prium® PlanarTek combustion system.
  • Combining nozzle mix burners with innovative burner blocks, enhances glass conditioning performances and reduce gas consumption.

BA Vidro SA / BA Glass Poland, in technical cooperation with Fives

BA Vidro, one of Europe's leading producers of food & beverage container glass, contracted Fives for the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of one Prium® Working End & four Prium® Forehearths for its Polish plant located in Sierakow near Poznan.

One forehearth (Line 1.1) was equipped with the revolutionary combustion system, Prium® PlanarTek, which is designed to suit the customer's production requirement and combined with the flat flame burner block deliver efficient thermal heat transfer to the forehearth structure and glass flow in the channel. With a total of seven factories and 2.200 employees, 1.550 in the Iberia plants and 650 in the Polish plants, BA has an annual production over 5 thousand million containers in 11 colours. It has a daily production of more than 14 million units - bottles and jars - for customers operating in the Food & Beverage industries.The main design features of the Prium® Working End and Prium® Forehearth ensure precision control using a combination of variable speed fan (VSF) centre line cooling and VSF combustion systems and careful structural engineering.

Customer benefits:

  • Improved glass homogeneity
  • Optimized heat distribution
  • Excellent standards of temperature control
  • High energy efficiency