Düzce Cam - Turkey

Fives Reference float glass plant Duzce Cam-FIVES

- 600 mt/day and 800 mt/day melting capacity

- For residential and automotive glass markets

- Tin bath to produce a glass thickness from 3 to 25 mm

Trust again: 2nd float glass line for Düzce Cam

Fives has been selected by Düzce Cam as the majorcontractor, to be responsible for the plant design and to supply the glass manufacturing line, comprising the batch plant, the float furnace, the tin bath and the annealing lehr. Mainly destinated for buiding and mirror markets, the line is able to produce automotive quality.The glass produced is mostly used in the processing facilities of the group for the production of tempered glass, laminated and insulating glass units (IGU). The remainder of the production shall meet the demands of both local and export markets.

Three years only after their successful entry into float glass production, Düzce Cam is embarking on a major expansion and is ready to build his second float line.The new float glass line of 800 t/day will incorporate the latest melting technology, the Prium® Melt Float L.E.M.®, a new-generation low consumption furnace designed to meet the challenge of ever-increasing energy price.

The second float glass line successfully started on November, 15, 2016.

Customer's benefits

Key design features of the first line:

  • Large melting and refining surfaces for high-quality glass
  • Heat efficiency and energy recovery
  • Proven design capable of extended campaigns over 12 years
  • Life-long operations without degradation of the glass quality orthe pull
  • Uncompromising choice of refractory materials