Fuyao Glass - P.R. China

Fuyao glass float-lineOK-FIVES

- 600 mt/d melting furnace

- Complete project management from the design to the production assistance

- High quality Glass, thickness from 3 to 25 mm for achitectural and mirror glass

Customer’s scope

Fuyao Group Shuangliao Co. Ltd., one of the major glass producer in P.R. China, entrusted Fives with the construction of a new 600 mt/day float glass line. The scope covers the design, supply, supervision of erection and commissioning, the start-up and production assistance of the melting furnace, tin bath and annealing lehr.

The production was successfully started up in September 2005 and quickly reached high quality standards.

Customer's benefits

Key design features

  • Large melting and refining surface
  • Possibility to use either natural gas or heavy fuel oil for furnace heat energy
  • First class refractory lining
  • Up-to-date furnace design for easy operation and maintenance
  • Working end design developed to reduce the return flow of glass and to improve the thermal homogeneity
  • New design of the tin bath for a wide range of glass thicknesses
  • Use of carbon barrier for thick glass product
  • On floor type top rolls machine