NEG - Japan

NEG Tin Bath ©Fives-FIVES

- Key Tin Bath sections

- Proved efficiency on several lines

- Ultra-Thin glass production

Long term cooperation between NEG and Fives in ultra-thin float glass started in 1997

Fives has been one of the key suppliers of key process equipment for the NEG glassmaker in Japan.

Since 1997, Fives has been involved in most of the new projects, revamping or cold repairs initiated by its customer.

Fives 'scope encompassed various tin bath and lehr equipment such as top rollers, bottom casings, dross boxes, spout and canal, tweels' mechanism, lehr drives as well as other peripheral equipment.

Supervision services for reception and commissioning were also part of Fives' scope.

NEG (Nippon Electric Glass) is one of the major pioneering producers of glass for electronic applications, including ultra-thin glass for Flat Panel Display. NEG operates several plants in Japan and has been serving the Global market with highly technical applications.

Customer's benefits

Fives' technology answered customer's specific constrains:

  • Enhanced process atmosphere confinement resulting in higher final product quality
  • High-end equipment design and manufacturing quality which is the sole way to insure that guaranteed process targets are achieved in operation

Fruitful cooperation between NEG's and Fives' teams made possible the short delivery of equipment, thus a very market connected start-up of the lines.