Obeikan - KSA

Obeikan furnace ©Fives-FIVES

- 800 mt/day melting capacity

- For both architectural and residential glass markets

- Glass thickness from 3 to 12 mm

Fives provided the start-up and plant operation assistance services

Obeikan Glass Co. is the largest flat glass manufacturer in the Middle East region which is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the construction industry.

The glass plant is erected at Yanbu el Bahr, industrial and port city in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast in Medina Province, about 350 km north of Jeddah. Yanbu harbour, close to the Suez Canal and on the major East-West shipping route, provides easy access to the European and far-east markets for its products.

Fives was selected by Obeikan Glass Co. to be responsible for the plant design and to supply the glass manufacturing line comprising the float furnace, the tin bath, the annealing lehr and the air pollution control system. Fives had also provided the start-up and plant operation assistance services insuring a smooth and efficient support until the production teams become fully self-sufficient.

Customer's benefits

A float plant who reduces ecological footprint

With its international export-oriented base, Obeikan Glass Co. float plant is destined to be a world class facility in terms of performance of the equipment and quality of the glass products. The plant has been designed to have a reduced ecological footprint, in accordance with the most stringent international emission standards. It operates with natural gas and incorporate a complete air pollution control system consisting of a de-dusting filter, an acid gas reduction reactor and a selective catalytic system for the abatement of nitrous oxides.