Float glass solutions

Float glass equipment

For float glassmakers, Fives stands as the major independent float engineering and hot end specialist, having been already successfully built more than 20 high-quality float glass plants worldwide.

The company's services and proprietary glass production equipment include:

  • the complete float plant general engineering,
  • the proprietary design and supply of melting furnaces (Prium® Melt), tin baths (Prium® Bath) and annealing lehrs (Prium® Lehr),
  • the complete Project and Construction Management,
  • the start-up of the plant with on-site plant production assistance.

The quality of Fives's production equipment is also acknowledged by the leading float glassmakers: Saint-Gobain, Guardian, Xinyi Glass, Fuyao Group, Düzce Cam etc... and is in operation in more than one third of all float glass plants in the world.

Photovoltaic glass technologies

With the advent of green energy, the market requires a new type of glass flat glass: extra clear glass for photovoltaics with or without pattern. This glass is produced either on float glass lines with the typical float melting tank design or on rolled glass lines with container glass tank designs.

Traditional throat type tanks for container glass achieve excellent transparency by a low iron redox but are limited in quality due to bubbles and seeds. Float tanks have a high level of glass quality but are limited in transparency by higher iron redox and have of course no pattern. Further key problems arise with the high transparency of the glass: high melt bottom temperatures limit the tank lifetime and the modified glass convection currents limit the pull rate.

Ultra-thin glass technologies

Touch screen / Display

Fives offers a range of equipment, with the Prium® UTG technology for the manufacture of flat panel glass displays including LCD, PDP and durable touch screen Active Panel screens. Equipment supply includes melting and electric boosting technology, glass conditioning and delivery, forming process and equipment (Prium® bath) and annealing.

Fives has recently designed and commissioned an advanced electric melting and conditioning unit producing high-strength Alumina-Silicate active panel glass.

Advanced electric melting and glass conditioning technologies

For all type of glass

In the other segments Fives is a recognized supplier of melting and conditioning technology in all types of glass, from large volume container production to small output hand-made lead crystal.

Focus on fibreglass

The rapid growth in the production of glass fibre has provided an opportunity for the group to extend its activities in this sector, especially in the realm of electric boosting and oxy-fuel combustion technology.

Importantly, Fives can offer furnace re-design services to optimise performance; solutions can include the possible integration of advanced technologies such as Prium® Forehearth Technology oxy-fuel firing systems. Projects can be handled on a group basis to give the client a 'global' technical solution to the revamping of the hot end.