Sezal - India


- 550 mt/d melting furnace

- Complete project management from the design to the production assistance

- Glass thickness from 2 to 15 mm

Float Glass Line of 550 mt/day for Sezal Glass Ltd for automotive and building quality

The new glass maker Sezal Glass Ltd. contracted Fives for the implementation of its float glass line in 2007. Fives had in charge the entire supply of the line as a turnkey project.

Therefore, Fives fulfilled the design, the supply of melting furnace, tin bath and annealing lehr with the associated control system. Installation, commissioning and production assistance were also part of the services provided by Fives. The production was successfully started up in January 2010 and reached high quality standards for bulding and automotive glass.

The plant is now owned by Saint Gobain Glass India

Customer's benefits

Key design features

  • Optimized design of the melting furnace to guarantee a low energy consumption
  • Step bottom design to reduce return glass flow
  • Improvement of tin bath roof design section to minimize glass defect
  • Use of Fives technology for lowing glass residual stress
  • Implementation of continuous annealing which is patented process of fives