TG Anhui - P.R. China

- Specifically designed to the highest tonnage and ribbon width

- Tight control of glass ribbon cross temperature homogenous to match process requirements on heavy glass.

Taiwan Glass, one of the top Chinese glassmakers, has appointed Fives for their first outstanding capacity design supply of thermal equipment dedicated to its heavy glass line.

Taiwan Glass, one of the main Chinese glassmaker, has entrusted Fives for key thermal equipment of its first outstanding capacity float glass line located in Anhui, PRC. The scope of delivery including Prima Annealing Lehr and drive.

Customer's benefits

Prium® Lehr is a tailor made solution devoted to heavy glass, in an integrated process section, the following key features:

  • Proper process of annealing curve, thermal calculation on heat balance;
  • All-in-one combination of Hot Air Process and Continuous Annealing, both historically developed by Fives and trimmed to guarantee low residual stress on ribbon.