Yingxin - P.R. China

Revamping on existing annealing lehr to reach higher capacity demand by 15% with lowest investment cost by lengthened and re-arranging zones division to get reasonable annealing curve.

Yingxin Group, one of the most fast developing Chinese glassmakers, has appointed Fives to revamp existing annealing lehrs to reach higher output.

Yingxin Group, one of the most fast developing Chinese glassmaker, has entrusted Fives for revamping an existing annealing lehrs located in Shahe/Hebei, PRC. The scope of works including modification on Annealing Lehr casing and drive.

Customer's benefits

Five's annealing lehr technology is devoted to thermal process with on line production experience, in an integrated process section, the following key features:

  • Proper process of annealing curve, thermal calculation on heat balance;
  • All-in-one combination of Hot Air Process and Continuous Annealing, both historically developed by Fives and trimmed to guarantee low residual stress on ribbon.