Yugrosprodukt - Russia

Yugrosprodukt plant-FIVES

Fives had selected as the key supplier for Yugrosprodukt for a global engineering for a float glass plant.

Yugrosprodukt is the only producer of flat glass in South Russia including the North Caucasus republics.

This new float glass line is strategically located in Stavropol territory, well positioned to address the float glass needs of the region and Yugroprodukt positioned itself as a key supplier of flat glass for the Sochi Olympic Games market.

In regards to its Global Engineering skill & know how, Fives has been selected to supply the plant design, glass technology and glass process services. Fives' scope encompass the furnace, tin bath, annealing lehr, cutting line and cullet return, nitrogen and hydrogen production plant, and air pollution control.

Customer's benefits

With Fives as key supplier to design its first float glass line, Yugrosproduct met a real partner in order to complete successfully its project and to guarantee the glass quality and the productivity of its factory.

Thanks to its know-how in international financing, Fives offered an efficient support to Yugrosprodukt to develop its project. As expert in Project Management, Fives provided its knowledge in logistic, sub-contractors management, site works supervision, production assistance to perform the project in due time.

Fives expertise in glass processing is a major advantage for a new flat glass maker to guarantee the global success of float glass project encompassing hot process, cutting and utilities, general design of the plant.