Fives' message on Coronavirus


Changes to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic have led Fives and its Subsidiaries to adopt measures to comply with recommendations from the World Health Organization and directives from governments and health authorities of the countries where we operate.

Fives entities have deployed business continuity plans to respond as efficiently as possible to all stakeholders, with a clear priority: the health of our employees, customers and partners to limit the spread of the virus.

The Group’s attendance at trade events is suspended for the next few months.

We are doing everything we can to continue to support our customers remotely. Your usual contacts are available for more information.

Integrating your plant - Flat & hollow glass

Flat glass

With more than 20 high-quality float glass plants commissioned worldwide, Fives stands as the major independent float engineering and hot end specialist.

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Touch screen

Fives has a unique Know-how in glass for display applications gathered through years of experience serving this market.

Prium® UTG Technology will allow a fast ROI of complete installation, being a key issue for the quick moving market of display and cover glass.

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Fives operates at the forefront of glass melting and conditioning technology, specialising in the production of tailor made hot end solutions and machinery for high volume production of container glass.

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Fives has developed innovative solutions for glass melting and conditioning projects for glasses requiring high clarity, optical transmission so that the final glass product will be of high quality without point or line defects such as blisters, bubbles or streaks.

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Breakthrough solution, a new gerenation of top rollers

Prium® Bath TR Edge Control, a revolutionary concept in float glass forming for automotive & ultra-thin application.

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A new approach for Working Ends & Forehearths

Prium® PlanarTek, combined with our patented flat flame burner block, enhances glass conditioning performance with reduced gas consumption.

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Plants engineering for special glass


Fives has developed innovative glass melting and conditioning solutions for glasses having a major volatile constituent (e.g. boron) where the environmental factors for the melting process must be taken into account and the saving of batch material costs can be significant. 

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Fives technology and experience complement each other to provide an unrivalled range of products and services for the fibre glass industry. Fives are innovators and leaders in the design, supply and commissioning of glass melting furnaces, molten glass distribution and thermal conditioning systems.

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Domestic & Tableware

Fives designs and supplies melting and conditioning technologies for all types of tableware glass from large volume soda lime tumbler production to small output hand-made lead crystal.

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Special glass

Fives has supplied a range of different designs and installed powers into the worldwide glass industry, each system tailored to suit the glass type, production and quality requirement.

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