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The most advanced 2 mm ultra-clear tempered glass for solar applications,

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The new Prium® Melt Oxy, a furnace with a proprietary tank design.

Ducatt chose Fives new melting furnace design and achieves unparalleled solar glass quality

In March 2011, Ducatt NV chose Fives' Prium® Melt Oxy technology for its new solar glass facility in Lommel, Belgium. Today, this technology enables Ducatt to produce the most advanced 2 mm ultra-clear tempered glass for solar applications.

FS has a long experience in. Combining this experience with leading edge tools for extra-clear glass modelling allowed developing the new proprietary tank design.

Fives' solution

Based on its long experience in the design of float glass, glass furnace and oxy-combustion furnaces Fives has developed a proprietary tank design to address these problems. The new Prium® Melt Oxy furnace operates with a float type melt convection assuring high fining quality and has limited bottom temperatures even in the hot spot area.

Pattern solar glass of high transparency is produced on a 200 tpd production line. However, the proprietary tank design allows significantly higher melting capacities up to 800tpd with either multiple roll glass machines or a tin bath forming process.