LG CHEM - South Korea

Ultra thin glass Top roll LG Chem ©Fives-FIVES

Prium® Bath TR150 UTG

- Synthesis of compact and highly stable equipment

- No vibrations transferred to the ribbon during production

- Specifically designed for ultra-thin glass production

Fives has been selected as key supplier for LG Chem’s new ultra-thin TFT n°1 float line.

LG Chem's float line n°1 is located in the north of Seoul (South Korea), in the vicinity of LG Display's LCD TV sets manufacturing center (Paju Display Cluster), the biggest flat panel display manufacturing center in the world. The special glass sheets produced there are used as substrate for LCD active panels.

Prium® Bath TR150 UTG, the latest and most advanced top roller type proposed by Fives for Ultra-Thin Glass production, has been selected by LG Chem for its substrate float line n°1.

Top Rollers are one of the key elements used for forming the glass ribbon along the tin bath process.

Customer's benefits

Thanks to the unique design of Prium® Bath TR150 UTG machines, an unprecedented number of top rolls can be fitted in a very limited space, allowing optimization of the overall tin bath length, thus CAPEX.

The complete equipment has been fully re-designed and re-thought focusing on glassmaker's operational benefits:

  • Strong resistance to external detrimental process factors (higher temperature, corrosive atmosphere...)
  • Enhanced moving parts stability to guarantee the best final product quality (reduced knurl run-out to a never reached level in order to achieve ribbon flatness requirements)
  • Maintenance free equipment, as all wearing parts have been designed to insure an easy replacement procedure, even after a long lasting campaign